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Pig Eat Ball is an action-puzzle game about getting fat and barfing.
While eating all the balls in a level, you'll get so fat you have to barf to squeeze through the maze!

PIG EAT BALL is crafted to invoke that wonderful feeling from MARIO GALAXY games, the feeling of starting a new world and seeing all new gameplay to discover. Each of the game's SIX HUGE WORLDS is bursting with new gameplay, adventure, disguises, characters, and barf.

How Can I Eat All These Balls?

Win the Royal Games by EATING ALL THE BALLS in each level. Yes, this is a twist on Pac-Man!
BUT, things are a bit tricky!
You get bigger as you eat!
TOO BIG! Now you're stuck?!?
Just barf to get through.
Then suck up that barfie and keep eating!
Watch out though...eat too much barf, too quickly and you'll barf again!
Wait a moment to burp and make some room.


Help Bow win back her freedom!
King Cake has decreed whomever can win his contest will marry his daughter! --But SHE has other ideas!
As Princess Bow, take back your fate by winning the contest yourself!
The contest spans King Cake's massive Space Station Kingdom containing SIX major worlds in which to compete, all with original gameplay and fun things to discover!

Puzzlish Overhead Action!

  • Barf-centric gameplay: Get bigger as you eat. Barf to squeeze down to size.
  • Hundreds of original, action-puzzle levels in ADVENTURE mode, building carefully on all your abilities.
  • Each of the many WEIRD worlds has unique gameplay. Come visit Sushi Gardens, Sports Barena, Outer Courts and more.
  • Discover dozens of special DISGUISES. Each one changes your look and also enhances your abilities.
  • 4-Player local coop: PARTY mode has outrageous game modes like BEER BASH, SCRUB FLOORS, SAMMICH STACKER, and much more.
  • Excellent, easy to use level editor. Build devious levels then share with friends.
  • Help PRINCESS BOW in the ADVENTURE mode, win the KING's contest and take control of her future.

Pig Out on HUNDREDS of levels!

The sushi may look yummy, but it's the balls you need to eat.

Eat the balls, but dodge the WASABI chunks!

Look out--she's gonna hurl!

How to dodge trouble...
(cover-based gameplay--looks just like Gears of War! ;)

and how NOT to dodge trouble...

Gold cats are good and Black cats are bad... but breaking them causes all cats to swap forms!

There's a pillbug covered in barf in the upper right, if you look carefully.

The Playing Cards teleport you when touched.
Don't let things don't get out of *hand*! (Get it? Cards? Hands?? :)

Your lane is now open!

Welcome to the BIG and TALL store... of levels!

Dinner strikes back!

Fly piggie!

Bacon-dripping Boss fights!

There's always room for dessert--and more levels!


The 4-player PARTY mode can get MESSY.

Pig Eat Ball also features a PARTY mode with 1-4 player competitive rounds. Each level changes the goal, similar to Mario Party games. Sometimes you'll be eating balls, other times you'll be dodging asteroids, or even building sandwiches! If you're lonely, you can play against the bots, or some friends over for the drop-in coop fun!

Each themed world has lots of special, multiplayer levels, with its own goal, plus a randomized level picker to keep everyone one their toes.

Level Editor

In addition to the giant Adventure mode which tells the story of Princess Bow, you can create your own challenging levels! Each level you see in the game was built with this very level editor. Unlock new objects to use in the built-in level editor and share with your friends.


Piggie Praise

Steam Greenlight

Pig Eat Ball will be available on Steam! Thank you for the votes!
Steam Greenlight

Press and Assets

Presskit: Link

YouTube and Let's Players

You have permission to share and monetize videos of gameplay from Pig Eat Ball.

Release Date

The game won't be officially finished for a bit. We're targeting some time in 2016. There's levels still to create, and more gameplay elements to create and polish, and the level editor to refine.


Proudly Developed in Indiana USA, by

Mommy's Best Games

Press Contact: Link


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