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Pig Eat Ball is an action-puzzle game about getting fat and barfing.
While eating all the balls in a level, you'll get so fat you have to barf to squeeze through the maze!

You know that great feeling in MARIO GALAXY games where you get to a new world and there's all new gameplay to discover? PIG EAT BALL has new gameplay and mechanics for each of its SIX, GIANT worlds!

How Can I Eat All These Balls?

Win the Royal Games by eating all the balls in each level--but things are a bit tricky!
You get bigger as you eat!
TOO BIG! Now you're stuck?!?
Just barf to get through.
Then suck up that barfie and keep eating!
Watch out though...too much barf too quickly and you'll barf again!
Wait a moment to burp and make some room.

SINGLE PLAYER - Weird Worlds

Help Bow win back her freedom!
King Cake has decreed whomever can win his contest will marry his daughter! --But SHE has other ideas!
As Princess Bow, take back your fate by winning the contest yourself!
The contest spans the King Cake's massive Space Station Kingdom in which there are SIX major worlds in which to compete, all with original gameplay and fun things to discover!

Puzzlish Overhead Action!

  • Get Bigger as you eat, Barf to get un-stuck, Eat too much Barf and you Barf again,
  • Shooting Cue balls, Dodging pool sticks, Speeding from crazed pill-bugs,
  • Making Sammiches, Breaking Lucky Cats, Spitting Bananas, Jumping on Sushi Grass,
  • Chase Ice Cream, Sizzle on Skillets, Don Disguises, and More, MORE, MOAR!1!
  • Flying pigs can suck in balls at a distance. Long-range suction gameplay!
  • Giant Single-Player game with HUNDREDS of levels--Enough gameplay to choke a pig!
  • 4-Player couch coop for friends and enemies! (*requires 4 Xbox controllers)
  • Powerful Level Editor ships with game--start experimenting now!


Four player multiplayer can get messy.

Pig Eat Ball also features a PARTY mode with 1-4 player competitive rounds. Each level changes the goal, similar to Mario Party games. Sometimes you'll be eating balls, other times you'll be dodging asteroids, or even building sandwiches! If you're lonely, you can play against the bots, or some friends over for the drop-in coop fun!

Each themed world has FIVE, special, multiplayer levels, with its own goal, plus a randomized level picker to keep everyone one their toes.

Piggie Previews

Destructoid--"Pig Eat Ball seems prepared to ooze charm each and every second."
Shack News--"Pig Eat Ball has a lot going for it, between a solid single-player set-up and enjoyable multiplayer."

Steam Greenlight

Pig Eat Ball will be available on Steam! Thank you for the votes!
Steam Greenlight

Time to PIG OUT!

The sushi may look yummy, but it's the balls you need to eat.

Look out--she's gonna hurl!

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Yes, if you get hurt, you bleed bacon.

Gold cats are good and Black cats are bad... but breaking them causes all cats to swap forms!

Cards flip and teleport you when touched. Don't let things don't get out of *hand*! (Get it? Cards? Hands?? :)

Fly piggie!

How to Pre-Order the Game

When you buy the game early we give you a discount on the final price! Also, you'll get immedate access to the pre-alpha version of the game. This means the game is still in development and being changed, but you can try it out early. Right now we have about 100 levels to play in single player and several to play in local coop with 2-4 players.
And you can start already, building your own levels in the expansive level editor.

You can even give us suggestions as you play to help improve the final result.
Thanks for being awesome!

Press and Assets

Screenshots, Title, Art here.

YouTube and Let's Players

You have permission to share and monetize videos of gameplay from Pig Eat Ball. If you email me, (nathan at mommysbestgames dot com) and you run a YouTube channel with more than 100 subscribers, I'll send you a free code for the game!

Release Date

The game won't be officially finished for a bit. We're targeting SPRING 2016. There's levels still to create, and more gameplay elements to create and polish.


Proudly Developed in Indiana USA, by

Mommy's Best Games

Press Contact: Link


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