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Weapon of Choice

Weapon of Choice Porkerpillar

For Hire - Game Design Consultant

You're making an action game and need to make sure certain the game feel is excellent.

You've shipped the game, and are approaching your first patch.

You're making an action game, platformer, shooter, shmup, or adventure game on a limited budget but strive for excellence.

Let's talk!

Email Nathan for a design consult: Nathan@mommysbestgames.com



Nathan Fouts is an award-winning designer, working professionally in the video game industry since 1998.
Previous work includes, game designer and programmer on:
Pig Eat Ball, 2018 (design highlight = Pac-man but you get fatter)
Serious Sam DD XXL, 2013 (design highlight = Gunstacker)
Explosionade, 2010 (design highlight = bounce shield)
Shoot 1UP, 2010 (design highlight = use all lives as ships)
Weapon of Choice, 2008 (design highlight = jet engine gun, death-brushing)
Resistance Fall of Man, 2006 (design highlight = shield-piercing auger)
POSTAL 2, PC (design highlight = gas can and a match)

Nathan can expertly provide a fully detailed inspection of your game design and examine it's strengths, weaknesses and where there's room to improve.


Nathan works with your vision, and with your team, not against them.
With a critical eye, he drills down to exact timings and reactions to find where your game can improve. images

Client: Vagabond Dog

Title: "Dog Gone Golfing"

Dog Gone Golfing is a turn-based golfing game set in a wacky world of dogs.
The game had already shipped to PS4. Nathan helped the team improve the game with a new patch addressing:
first user experience,
shot angle adjustments,
shot timing,
accessibility and readability,
and overall polish.

Client: Liv Games

Title: "Bullet Age"

Nathan has been working with the Bullet Age team to provide monthly gameplay testing and feedback on new features. Nathan has provided detailed break downs of jumping, melee attacks, shooting, and level layouts to help the team improve the game. images images

Playtesting for Design Issues

Nathan has helped improve the following games providing design advice:
Rise and Shine, Escape Goat, SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance, Glittermitten Grove


Nathan can work in your budget to do simple playtests, monthly calls, or more integrated consulting.

Reach out today for a quote:

Email : Nathan@mommysbestgames.com


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